Monday, April 25, 2011

Pink Punch

''Color runs thru my veins my souls screams yellow and at night it weeps blue wishing I could feel your burgundy love and warm up my heart.''-- Vuvu Soul

Walking down to the bus stop you see this girl. Shocked at her .... You stop and stare for a bit. She turns to look at you and you keep on walking.

What you see is a sista rocking her pink lips. Its like a punch to your face...

Yes I am guilty of wearing bright pink lipstick and I love it. Lock me up... But I love it. I actually didnt even test the color out when I saw it in the store. I just saw the color and I was like okay this is my lipstick color. It was a huge risk. Because it was expensive and I've made the mistake of buying the wrong color shade of lipstick. But I came home first thing I did was try it on and I was in heaven. It was just perfect. I know most women are afraid of color. So you'd rather choose a neutral color or a dark red or no lipstick at all. I personally think if you feel ''brave'' enough to jump outta your comfort zone than go for that bright red or pink lipstick you've been eye balling the whole month.

You will get heads turning but hey thats what we aim for. You wanna be unforgettable. Of course I'm not saying go all neon diva, but a lil brightness wouldnt hurt. It looks youthful too. If the color pink is too much for you opt for maybe a light brown or light red lipstick that won't make you look older than you are. Because most lipsticks to me tend to be too heavy and they make me look old. I'm only 19 (mind you this is the last time I will announce my age-- I hate the number 19-- lol)

Me with my bright pink lipstick by Maybelline New York color: PINK PUNCH #175

Also if you want to make your lips look bigger-- the natural way-- is to use CLEAR lipgloss. Apply it in the middle of your lips. At the top where your cupid's bow is. It makes a different. Remember to prep your lips aswell. Use ure toothbrush and ''brush'' your lips-- yes I know it sounds weird but it makes your lips softer and it removes and dead skin on your lips. Add a lil lip balm and then you add ure lipstick or lipgloss over it and you're ready to go !!! Also what inspired me to really go bright pink was Janelle Monáe. She's an AMAZING singer/performer. If you havent check her out please do so-- and FAST.

Here's Janelle Monáe with her pink lips looking really sweet yet daredevil with her lips

Doesnt she look so adorable?? Yes ladies dont be afraid to put a bit of--bright--color on your lips.

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