Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heartbreak times a million

''My heart burns with passion but it overflows with pain when it's not pleased and it feels like it's dying'' - Vuvu Soul

Okay, we've all been thru it. If you haven't then consider yourself super duper lucky. I'm talking about heartbreaks. I hear thunder and lightning in the heavens. A heartbreak can really get you in a depressed state. For those like me (mister and miss emotions) it can really drain all the life you have left in you. Sometimes you just wanna say F*CK LOVE !!! After some heartbreaks and several rejections you just wanna crawl into a hole and rot. I actually would pray and ask God why would he not pair me up with this guy. ''Didnt I tell you I really liked him?'' or ''Its cuz I'm ugly, right?'' and ''Why are you doing this to me??? Im never gonna fall inlove ever AGAIN!!!"

Almost 4 hours ago I experienced a heartbreak and somewhat rejection. I swear I was gonna die. You get this feeling of your not good enough, or pretty, or got the best body. You feel like shit for real. It makes you wonder why you are still single and why everyone else around you is falling inlove or somehow they ''look better'' than you and you feel their stealing your chances of getting a partner. When you are in doubt your mind wonders off to the MeNoGud-land. I've not only taking trips to MeNoGud I've planned it from before my reservations... and I knew that. Because sometimes you KNOW what you are gonna pass thru with your crush. So start packin' them bags. No wonder why they call crushes, crush. You get crushed into tiny crumbles and the wind blows you away and you are non existent. Not the worst feeling in the world but its pretty close.

We spend all our time running after people that will NOT love us they WAY we will love them back. Its annoying to hear it but its 100% true-- if your in that type of situation. We all have a lil preacher voice in our head saying. ''I aint gone fall for no man that aint gon treat me right'' or ''Pff I dont need a girlfriend Im my own man no woman is gonna tell me what to do!!!" BUT... when you do get that man that doesnt treat you right or that girl that bosses you all the time-- whats your excuse ? ''but I love him/her''

Did you ever sit to think to see if they truly love you back. Dont give 75% and you get back 25% thats not even whatsoever. Now I dont know much of the 80/20 rule but look to me it should be 50/50. Because EVERY RELATIONSHIP has its UPS and DOWNS. And exactly at the downs thats when the true love shows because whatever is going down BOTH of you want to make it work and it eventually passes and then your 'up' again.

But ofcourse we go thru heartbreaks for a reason. Its just God telling is us that he/she wasnt the one I want to give to you. You are not ready yet for this person but in due time Imma pop him/her right infront of you and YOU ARE GONNA FALL DEEPLY INLOVE.

Im not experienced at all but one thing that keeps me levelheaded is speaking with God about it. He will give you the answers to why or he'll make you answers them with your own questions. For instance ''But why is he being so violent with me?'' ... Because he does NOT LOVE YOU. I need to make this clear that NO MAN should EVER raise his hand to HIT ANOTHER WOMAN. And NO IT IS NOT OKAY either. You need to get yourself out of an abusive relationship. It is not worth it.

Now I have some music to heal the broken heart because their are GOOD men and women out there its just that maybe your not looking in the right place. Now this subject is so widespread that I might continue it some other time.

If your man makes you feel good like this song you know you got it good. And if your single than pray to God (and yes its not wrong to tell God the type of guy/girl you want) this is the type of partner I want and with your desires and Him knowing you in and out it makes it easier.

Feel Good music:

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